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  1. My favourite part is Chris playing alone in in the city and nobody recognices it and obviously the song. New York or LA?... :)
  2. Chris played yesterday some songs on a private event at Malibu. No new songs, and a lost opportunity to ask him about the new album...
  3. Finally I got to buy two tickets in a cinema near my town in Spain. See you on November 14th. :)
  4. 09:27 hours in Spain... unable to buy tickets from Coldplay.com site...
  5. Release date November 14.... https://www.bbfc.co.uk/releases/coldplay-head-full-dreams-film
  6. Ok. Thank you so much for your help.
  7. Why this App it does not work on my Samsung Grand Neo? I tried to download it, but she says "unsupported versión". Any solution?
  8. Woow, beautiful, beautiful song..., again in the good direction... :) Thanks Coldplay, you make my day... :)
  9. Ok. Thanks for the explanation, great video :) You have given me confidence in Chris again :)
  10. As a fan, this is embarrassing, but in Barcelona, playing See you soon, at the end Chris don´t play the guitar and the music continues...
  11. Some points: It was the best Coldplay concert ever :) The band started around 21:20 h awaiting all people in a very long queue arriving to the stadium. The entry organization was very poor in my opinión. Despite a Olimpic Stadium with a lot of doors for entry. Only one was available for all people of ring and reserved seats at first instance. This first chekpoint was the problem. Later you go more fast to your respective access door.I was outside the Stadium at 18:00 and finally seated at 19:10. Very good performing of Lilianne de Havas by tue way :) but for a reserved seat with a door asigned
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