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  1. SII!! empezar a prepararnos para el 3 de abril :dazzled: WUJUUUUU
  2. hahahah te lo hice notar porque es entretenido encontrar gente de habla hispana en este foro.... bueno siguiendo el tema de este post (lo escribire en ingles para que los demas entiendan) guys, when a girl stop talking to you, you have to talk again. If she stopped again, let it her go, and if she come back, she is interested in you. if not, so go to flirt or talk with someone else haha :D
  3. I want to express how I feel right now. Maybe you are not interested, but i just want to write Today I understand why some of my friends get drunk or get high so much. They have so complicated lives, and With That And with those substances manages to get away from that reality, and it really feels like this, as you could zoom around a moment and focus on the good things, and you manage your brain just focus on that. But my problem is focused on that, why would I like to get away as much of a reality that is not so complicated? is more, my life is as normal and good. There it is
  4. Porque me respondes en ingles cuando los dos hablamos español?? hahaha :laugh3::smug::rolleyes:
  5. i can tell you why we do that. Maybe someone told you before me, but I'm too lazy to read all the post (cause I'm not so good with english) ME, when I talk to someone and don't talk anymore is cause a) I want to be interesting and wait he talks me again b) i'm not interesting that boy sad and cruel reality
  6. Crss

    Holaa! un gusto jaja asì es, somos pocos los chilenos que estamos en esta pàgina, pero bueno algo es algo y a seguir esperando a que venga coldplay a chile :( jaja. Saludos!

  7. Thank you very very muuch!!!! I was looking for this version for a long time :D
  8. I want your t-shirt! hahahaha I love it!;)

  9. fefi

    hoolaa!! tambien eres de chile :) son pocos los que estan en este foro eso jejejeje :D

  10. what the fuck i will do with my life? I need to do something fine
  11. *What I should have done today?* -Studied for a test to enter to college next year (I took a nap of two hours) -I should have sorted my closet (I stayed in pyjamas all day) mmhh... I need to change myself :(
  12. I'm tired from the routine and be in home everyday :( And I want speak/write english better :/ hehehe
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