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  1. Sleeping Sun Don Quixote A Whisper Strawberry Swing See You Soon God Put A Smile Upon Your Face Rainy Day Don't Panic Don't Let it Break Your Heart U.F.O
  2. Kanye still as childish as he was a few years ago - still doesn't surprise me :laugh3:
  3. I've known David Bowie for all my life, he is one of my favourite people to ever exist! haha :laugh3:
  4. I like both Noel and Liam - I don't see what the big debate is about.
  5. Jack's such a great musician! His music really makes me relaxed - especially "When I Look Up" (Such an amazing song)
  6. Feels Like we Only Go Backwards - Tame Impala :D
  7. Yeah. It's used as a nickname for Alexander or Alexandra. So it's a unisex name. I don't really know any boys who's name is Lex though. (Other than Lex Luthor, haha :P)
  8. Haha. Hey guys. I'm Lex (Yes..I'm a girl with a boys name...savvy?) :P
  9. oh god i have too many to name as it is mrs doubtfire, napoleon dynamite, apollo 13, all of the sailor moon movies :P and others haha
  10. Elephant - Tame Impala (Really amazing band, like John Lennon reincarnated!)
  11. I really like this song! And Jonny's guitar riff is bloody excellent! A definite 9/10
  12. Hey guys. I'm Lex. (I kind of forgot I actually had an account here, haha.) You may know me from my Tumblr, what-the-buckland.tumblr.com. Don't worry, I'm still loser regardless which site I'm on. Oh and did I mention Jonny because he is amazing ok. :jonny:
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