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  1. I'm all for more Jon Hopkins tracks. After finding out where Life in Technicolor came from I got into his music, and some of it is seriously brilliant.
  2. The official version is noticeably higher quality than wherever that leak came from. A lot more little details than I originally noticed, for one thing. I always thought the vocals in Amazing Day sounded a little odd in the way they were tuned or something, but it sounds much more like normal in this version (impressively close to the live performances). Up&Up improved a lot. It seems less empty, or rather some of the emptiness in the beginning makes sense now that it feels like the song actually picks up in the second half.
  3. After having a little while to get used to this album, I think it's a perfect example of a grower. I liked a lot of its songs right away, but it still seemed a little off for a bit. It's now that I'm a little familiar and get to notice the attention to detail that it really shines as a collection of unique and colorful songs.
  4. ctc799

    Army of One

    The first time I heard it I also thought it sounded like Hopeless Opus. With a little bit of Lost in there to add the Coldplay touch, haha.
  5. Yes, another album with Brian Eno would be amazing!
  6. 1. Viva La Vida 2. A Rush of Blood to the Head 3. Mylo Xyloto 4. Ghost Stories 5. A Head Full of Dreams 6. Parachutes 7. X&Y ..I know I'm a little odd, haha.
  7. And here I was about to drive to my local Walmart. :P About to listen to it!
  8. One of my favorite things in Coldplay's more recent albums has been how the songs really flow well into one another, and I'm glad to see that attention to little details carrying over. That moment of silence (almost like a candle being blown out, like Christmas Lights?) helps make the somber ending of Everglow not completely abrupt when transitioning into the bright guitar riff of AOAL. No matter where you stand on old Coldplay vs new Coldplay, the cohesiveness with which these songs all fit together is always really nice.
  9. ctc799


    I like this song! It's a nice blend of their piano-driven ballads and a little bit of the synth stuff. I could totally see it fitting on Ghost Stories.
  10. Well, that wasn't at all what I expected! It's too small of a clip to really judge yet, but I thought the bass part was pretty cool.
  11. Did anyone else catch that new lyric added during ASFOS tonight? He sang something like "All I wanted, here in my arms". I'm not sure what the odds of it being a tease at something new, but that could have been a little hint.
  12. I came across that bad recording that first leaked of this song again. It's fun remembering the anticipation everyone had for it, all from such a low quality recording!
  13. I think Chris jumped into that last verse of ASFOS a little early or something. Sorry Guy! :P
  14. I think what makes Ghost Stories so awesome is the way that it harkens back to their previous styles but while still being refreshingly unique. So many of these songs feel as if they were pulled from other eras, and yet they fit together beautifully with this intimate, stripped-back style. Even ASFOS seems worthy of fitting where it does to me because it brings an explosion of color, but instead of in the plastic-y Mylo Xyloto way it explodes with the same "colors" of the rest of the album and brings a sense of resolution to the entire journey.
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