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  1. After listening to AFHOD in full at least 6 times.. This is my list: AHFOD (Fun, Up&Up) VLVADAAHF (Violet Hill, Viva La Vida) AROBTTH (The Scientist, Clocks) MX (Paradise, Charlie Brown) X&Y (Fix You, Square One) Parachutes (Yellow, Trouble) GS (Magic, A Sky Full of Stars) I know it's probably too early to rank AFHOD against the others, but I'm really liking EVERY song on the album. Haven't skipped any yet. I have always preferred more upbeat/pop stuff to their slower songs (in saying that, I like nearly every Coldplay song). I can't wait to see them for the first time live next year!
  2. Got up to listen to it at 5.30am from iTunes. I haven't listened to the leak. The album is great! I think both AHFOD and Up&Up would have to be the best opening and closing songs out of all the Coldplay albums. They are just great! Birds is a nice song, and Fun is heaps better than I was expecting, and surprisingly not upbeat. Hymn for the weekend is catchy and will do well in the charts. I really liked every song on the album, even X marks the spot which most people seem to hate. Not sure where to rank the album with the rest as its too early for that. These songs are all going to sound amazing live, and I can't wait to see Coldplay for the first time next year in Australia!! Edit: should receive my CD copy today as well
  3. Maybe.. but I would've already heard the album because it's going to be released 3 hours from now in Australia. :)
  4. Well.. I'll be going to bed soon.. and when I wake up in about 6-7 hours, I'll be able to listen to AHFOD finally! Won't stay up until midnight even though it's only 3 hours away as I have to work tomorrow..
  5. I preordered on iTunes as well as pre-ordering a physical copy in the mail because there is no guarantee I'll get it tomorrow. And at least I'll be able to play the album tomorrow on the way to work! I usually use Spotify for everything but I doubt they will have the album on there for a few months.
  6. [video=youtube;ZgHXI5CAagA] Coldplay playing Fix You at the Sound Relief Sydney concert in 2009. The concert had a ton of big name artists to help raise money for the bushfires. Chris jumps off the stage and everyone goes crazy! One of the best moments on live tv.
  7. I agree! I think I'm really going to enjoy the whole album. So far people are saying the songs they DON'T like are Amazing Day (only heard the live one) and Everglow.. I can't stop playing either of them, so I think this could easily be in my top 3 Coldplay albums! :D
  8. I don't think they released it in AU until the following day as it appeared on both iTunes and Spotify at around the same time.
  9. So good living in Australia with the timezone advantage :D
  10. I refuse to listen to the leak. They might let us stream the album on iTunes this week because of the leak.. but if not, I'll just wait until Friday. Even better living in Australia with the timezone.
  11. Toddster


    First listen I thought it was boring as hell.... but now I can't stop playing it. One of my favourite Coldplay songs actually. So far I have really liked all the songs I've listened to (avoiding the leak). I still have high expectations for the album.
  12. I'm in!! :p no way am I listening to the leak.
  13. Yup I refuse to listen to the leak, so I'll catch everyone next weekend. :)
  14. Was just an announcement to announce an exclusive interview that will be on Sunrise next week :( no tour announcement sadly
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