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  1. This song will be tough to listen to while they're on tour. I can't help but think of their own kids and how they might feel when their daddies are away. On a lighter note, I saw a YouTube comment on the video that made me smile..... Fix You (or insert your own choice here): "I'm the saddest Coldplay song ever" Daddy: "Hold my boat"
  2. Loved that! Very beautiful and understated, good lyrics from the ones I could make out. :blush:
  3. LOL It's pronounced "air-uh-besk". It's a position in ballet where both legs are straight, with one foot on the floor and the other foot/leg extended back and up in the air. Not sure if that has anything to do with the song tho....
  4. Had a similar problem in Fort Wayne (Indiana). The theatre was full but very few people seemed pumped, and only my daughter, myself and maybe two other people were wearing any CP clothes. No one clapped at the end either but I heard some laughs at the funny parts. It was way too somber there!! Loved the movie though and so glad I went!!!!
  5. @iranaway I'm wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery. You'll be there in spirit at every cinema and I'll send up a prayer for you.
  6. Bought two tickets but might go alone. Still working on someone to go with me but if not, I'll have an extra seat to hold my purse.
  7. Is there a link to see which theaters are going to show it yet? I thought I saw that somewhere but can't find it now. Fandango and coldplay.film aren't showing the list yet. Must have been a mirage.
  8. No confirmation email but the site sort of thanked me for taking the survey. They're using Survey Monkey for the registration.
  9. Squeeee!!! I was at that show. So excited I'll be in the live video now....sort of. Haha
  10. Loved all the Coldplay podcasts! On my second listen-thru now. Well done Josh and Adam!!!!
  11. This thread reminds me of an infertility forum. "This month, please let this be the month!!!" (No offense to people actually in that situation of course.)
  12. According to Dr. Seuss it'll come out on the First of Octember.
  13. The day I heard about his death, when I got in my car afterwards ASFOS came on first in my playlist. Chilling but it made me smile...
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