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  1. I think the scripture above could be really onto something I mean it certainly is believable we know Chris has a strong underlying faith and I feel the last 5 years it’s been brewing stronger outwardly . Not in your face but in a loving way . Interesting find for sure . I’ve also felt in the past we read way more into things then they actually mean lol I have no idea when to except anything anymore lol maybe it’s a two parter they will release something in 2020 , and 2024 there is Definately something different planned he’s also been clear lately that he kinda feels on a mission to do a certain thing I think we will see a lot of worldly influence again and it will have impact and mean something in a positive way through organization or I just don’t know lol .. I’m rambling again lol long story short the acts reference was a good find lol
  2. I also think MOTS has got something to do with taking songs from each “planet” or era as Chris has called each album a planet before . Maybe unreleased redone songs plus new songs from this new era coming upon us .. I am honestly stumped on the 2024 reference , I feel we often over think lol whatever is going to happen I’m sure it will be amazing and special :) they array such a beautiful place in their career of wanting to be “ at service” I’m just truely looking forward to it :)
  3. This is mind boggling .. it’s like I feel like EL is so fantastic but I also feel like it’s swiftly gone by but there’s so much more to come .. I think I’ll have consistent anticipation for a while . Coldplay have something amazing up their sleeves once again I’m sure of it !
  4. I dunno where to post is there not a thread for the palladium shows !? Wondering to get some suggestion on who to follow on Instagram etc from here that are going !! I have jimmy and a few others but o waited for 3 hours last night hoping to see some videos or lives and well “ all IS lost I did see some YouTube’s earlier everything sounded so good!
  5. Well this sounds like it could be a great song !! I hope we do get to hear it
  6. Well after 2 months of wearing out this album . I can officially say church started lower on my list and has risen to the top .. just a simple love song opening the album , when he says “ what can I get through to everyone everywhere “ it’s just setting the intent for the rest !! Love it
  7. Still waiting to read this interview lol
  8. Got so much out of that interview .. I never knew anything in that context about Chris growing up .. you can tell he’s always been a different more in depth thinker .. so proud of the place he got to . Religion and life can be really trying on youth .. now when I think of the message that’s sent through Coldplay there couldn’t be a better more non judgmental message to send .. they have a perfect middle ground . I just genuinely love that I’m in the same time as them ! And they have really come into their own I think perhaps just realizing we only get a short time on this earth so share what you believe and love on people even more :) so special
  9. Just gotta day the part in old friend from the live stream where the two people hug in the background is so perfect ! If that wasnt staged then that was some kinda divine intervention lol
  10. Great interview he did here !! How he talks about the next album too and not trying to just make a commercial success !!im excited ! He sounds really serious about his views ! What a Great time to witness Coldplay !! https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/10414011/chris-martin-coldplay-jordan/amp/
  11. I was waiting all day lol I thought I read somewhere it was supose to drop today I guess I was wrong lol
  12. The video of church on the stream should be a music video cannot get enough .. soooooo beautiful
  13. I agree on church first listen I was like huh ? I couldn’t even relate it to the rest of the album but I freakin love it lol
  14. I dunno how much more I can take lol we are only just starting !! And probably even more next year lol the clip of broken when the crowd sang he was smiling from ear to ear !! How awesome !! This album has been received so well I’m so proud lol
  15. I think what he said is getting majorly twisted in the media... I expect still normal fantastic Coldplay tours with as many elements as possible being environmentally friendly , now because he said this ppl are acting like they have to be 100 percent eco which is impossible lol he didn’t say that obviously they stil have to fly etc . A huge production needs a lot of elements but if they can do some big changes obviously some is better then none:) I don’t think we’ll see him sailing from place to place lol but I’m sure we will see some positive steps taken to make things better :)
  16. Does anyone know what is said at the end of this song ?
  17. I can’t stop watching this performance .. honestly I don’t know what it is but 9:30 into sunrise which is trouble in town when they do the circle view around the guys and then Jonny goes into his part is one of my favorite things/videos I’ve ever seen of them .. the way they did that shot, the atmosphere and music are intense ,it’s absolutely perfect for that song with the sun rising in the back. It’s like 4 friends , that who would have thought and now look at the 20 years of perseverance , hard work ,truthful, beautiful and gut wrenching music They have created ! I can’t get enough of that particular moment . I think it’s just fantastic !
  18. After a week of listening and now this live event Which I think made all the songs even better , some of you may think I’m crazy but I think this is my favourite Coldplay album yet .. something feels different and right .. there’s a connectIon within that band that’s coming through really strongly for me . I also love that this album isn’t just lyrically like your Ok everything is fine , it’s recognizing that life is hard , It’s hard to just come from a genuine place of love for everyone but we can try I guess . there’s a lot of solid emotions imo , anger , strength , loss , peace , triumph, sad .. I think this was an A+ for me ! My top favorites right now are Trouble in town Arabesque Old friends When I need a friend Champion of the world
  19. Happy watching people !!! This is epic so glad they put this together !
  20. I dunno what y’all are taking about besides church I think he sang it all live , you could tell he had to really push but it’s clear he had vocal issues . The sound quality was amazing .. honestly this is my favourite thing I’ve watched by them in years . I keep rewatching I can’t even skip a song it’s like a giant song .. again that band member pan before Jonny goes into his it in Trouble in town is amazing !!!!all of it even though church wasn’t sung live the videography with that sun and when Norah comes in complete chills !!
  21. Chris seems so genuinely full of joy, or something is different in him maybe it’s just aging , he seems uplifted I don’t know how to describe Him anymore , like a gentle soul! You know how you watch some ppl sing or speak and they say all the right things but it feels so fake . Like it’s just said because it’ll give them brownie points .. Well he’s the complete opposite he seems so genuine .. I mean I obviously don’t know him everyone had their flaws I’m sure he has a tone but he’s one of those rare ppl you get a sense of peace from . He’s always felt the music but I feel like more then ever he’s wearing his heart on his sleeve ! They all seem to just be in a great place . I love seeing all the smiles and the huddles before they started . There really will not be another like Coldplay !
  22. Trouble in town where they pan around all the boys then Jonny goes into his solo !! Man I can’t stop watching this !!
  23. I thought this was soooooo beautiful .. they seemed so in their moment .. Chris was amazing , I know church was recorded but I’m guessing he was sick or something cause they kept referencing him not talking and stuff in other videos . I thought he did wonderful and I felt like I got the songs even more .. And the visual of that sun coming up when they opened .. they joy in his face was so authentic !! I can’t wait til the second part !!
  24. I will say they bleeped him swearing which kinda makes me sad for the live show as I wanna here the authentic songs swearing and all lol
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