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  1. Don't know if this was already posted (too lazy to go back and check), but this just makes me cringe and hope she isn't being serious. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2014/06/05/gwyneth-paltrow-mean-words-hurts-water-feelings/
  2. Really I think Ghost Stories is "Chris' Album." It seemed like a lot of the ideas for the album are his. That's why it's stripped back. LP7 is going to be MX part 2 I believe (like stated before). Cause last night just showed that while Ghost Stories is a great album, they are at their best making stadium anthems and sing alongs that make people go crazy. Plus didn't a band tweet out that they were touring with Coldplay in 2015? And I can't believe they would not perform at Glastonbury at some point.
  3. Think it's Paradise and Midnight. Probably O in the credits
  4. ASFOS, Midnight still to come. Did they play O? (I was about 20 minutes late.
  5. I'm glad that we all got to see this show with the circular stage. I think this is the show they wanted all of us to see.
  6. My favorite of their albums. Listening from start to end is incredible. O (10/10) ASFOS (10/10) Magic (10/10) Ink (9.5/10) Midnight (9.5/10) Always in My Head (9/10) Oceans (8/10) Anothers Arms (7.5/10) True Love (7/10)
  7. I don't see why people complain about the studio version compared to live. It's sounds very very similar.
  8. Well that really gave this show a boost. Got to give Chris credit. Never would have done that
  9. Cannot believe Chris just did that. Dude is great
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