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  1. Haha, oops! But the song is so good they should play it twice!
  2. I'm sorry if this thread already exists. But here is my prediction: 1. A Head Full Of Dreams 2. Birds 3. Yellow 4. The Scientist 5. In My Place 6. Magic 7. Hymn For The Weekend 8. Fun 9. God Put A Smile On Your Face 10. Charlie Brown 11. Paradise 12. Speed Of Sound 13. Amazing Day 14. Army Of One 15. Viva La Vida 16. A Sky Full Of Stars 17. Clocks 18. Viva La Vida 19. Fix You 20. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall 21. Up & Up Holy macaroni, all those good songs! What is your prediction?
  3. Got tickets for the first show! :D :D :D [video=youtube;wm11UdYgnRg] - This is from the last time they played in Copenhagen in 2012! Amazing show!
  4. FlockOfBirds


    Such a bad studio version... And I'm so disappointed with the ending, so amazing live!
  5. 1. Birds 2. Everglow (- for the random woah's/hey's) 3. Up & Up (Could have been the best, but those lame electronic drums and the beats destroyed it. Terrible production) 4. Amazing Day 5. A Head Full Of Dreams (Sounds so much like U2, just me?) 6. Adventure Of A Lifetime 7. Fun 8. Hymn Of The Weekend 9. Army Of One 10. Colour Spectrum 11. Kaleidoscope X Marks The Spot... WHAT THE?! I like this album, but could have been so much better without those electronic beats........
  6. TOO much Gwyneth Paltrow. Electric Drums. None guitar leaded songs. I'm a huge fan of real instruments, and I think Coldplay is wasting too much talent away with those electric noises. BUT! I think this album is huge. It has some stunning records that touches my heart and it's on my top three Coldplay albums.
  7. They are amazing, indeed. But I have to admit that "Always In My Head" and "O" touched my heart. I have waited so long for masterpieces like that. But the bonus tracks are in my opinion much better than Midnight and Another's Arms.
  8. Round one: Square One vs Always In My Head Round two: What if vs True Love Round three: White Shadows vs Ink (TIE. Both songs are amazing) Round four: Fix You vs Magic Round five: Talk vs A Sky Full Of Stars Round six: X&Y vs Midnight Round seven: Speed Of Sound vs Another's Arms Round eight: A Message vs Oceans Round nine: Low vs All Your Friends Round ten: A Message vs Ghost Story Round eleven: Swallowed In The Sea vs O Round twelf: Twisted Logic vs Atlas Round thirteen: Till Kingdome Come vs O [part two/reprise] GS: 6 X&Y: 6
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