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  1. I would love to hear one of these songs - Up With The Birds - Ghost Story - 42 - The World Turned Upside Down - Bigger Stronger - Strawberry Swing - Moving To Mars - One I Love my top choice of this list would be Up With The Birds. I'm dreaming of hearing it in a concert :-)
  2. Up With The Birds for the wiiiiin. It's such a touching song and everytime I listen to it gives me hope and happiness.
  3. lol yeah sorry for the wink :laugh3:
  4. this is 100% true , totally agree with you Batman ;)
  5. I like every genre of music except from reggaeton i just can't stand it. I like pop a lot and in the past two eras you mentioned coldplay has done an awesome <3 job in my opinion and I don't think the artists they got inspired are bad lol yeah we have different opinions of course except for this song this I just heard and I think it's really good and would like the boys experimenting with this type of music and sounds :) have a nice day - A
  6. Okay Coldplayers so I sent an email to coldplay with some artwork suggestion that I saw in the web and Debs Wild replied. "The artwork is worked on so far in advance that it's already under way. As you can imagine, we get sent all sorts of links / suggestions etc. Catherine is incredibly talented, but that's not in keeping with what's going on behind the scenes. Thank you for sending though. x " Catherine is an artist that I suggested for those who are wondering who is she :) well that means they already chose an album artwork! :laugh3: maybe Mila is working with them again , who knows!
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]32054[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]32055[/ATTACH] Hope you like it :)
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