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  1. I'm not the most dedicated gamer. I don't watch those youtube videos or purchase games as often as I used to... But I'm just wondering if anyone is into that kind of stuff. I found that my main obsessions were the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Kingdom Hearts, and some iPad apps like Botanicula and Mechanarium. I guess this can be a thread where those who are interested can recommend games to each other.
  2. Its not my favorite track, but it's interesting to listen to. (Mines is Oceans) I like the fact that they pushed past their boundaries and tried something new.
  3. I apologize for anything that sounded offensive. I was raised to think that it was a bad habit. Even one of my teachers from school kept telling my friends to stop. I didn't think that this small topic was something that people would take offense to. And yeah. Let's move on. This is getting awkward. Shouldn't have ever brought this up in the first place.
  4. I'm sorry if I'm dragging this out or sounding cheeky or condescending in my tone. I'm not used to internet conversations.
  5. Hmmph. This is the first time I've been laughed at on the Internet. I've just earned a new achievement.
  6. Chris and Jen wish the same thing... But that most likely won't happen. I felt sad and creeped out when I realized that they were being stalked out there by people with cameras and a hunger for money. I felt mostly bad for the children.
  7. Falcon


    Welcome. I did the same thing you did before I joined a few days ago.
  8. Don't worry, it isn't TERRIBLE. I've been told that it isn't sanitary. It's something that's easy to break.
  9. He has a few bad habits... I've noticed. I guess the pressure and anxiety formed that.
  10. That's Gwyneth's perspective of this big world. She's oblivious to the fact that most people in the world aren't as wealthy as her. And sometimes you just can't let go of Mr. Martin... You just can't.
  11. [mQUOTE=Batman;5692162]no, Chris (being half naked rubbing ice cubes over his skin) in it LOL Umm... Ok. Well, have fun thinking about Chris and his ice cubes.
  12. 1)Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends: Coldplay's peak. It was a great era with incredible, well planned songs. The lyrics were phenomenal. Every song had its own special theme and mood to it. It had variety. Every track stands out in its own way. One of the greatest albums of the late 2000's. It had me Strawberry Swinging all day. 2)A Rush of Blood to the Head: You could hear THEM. Like others have said, this album expresses their true sound. Mellow, yet filling. Nothing was empty, nothing was too flashy. It was so balanced, with a track flow that flowed like a stream. It represented
  13. The midnight video? I don't totally understand.
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