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  1. I'm thinking about redoing Ghost Stories Rehaunted, but maybe as a holiday release Perhaps even an older album, because I've really been feeling Coldplay's A Rush Of Blood To The Head stuff lately
  2. Hey man Sorry, I got a lil busy I'll get around to it this week. I promise :) - Randell
  3. Oh yeah, definitely agree about the Roses thing. And sure thing! I'll make one ASAP!
  4. Hey, thanks for the mention! This makes me feel pretty bad about not being here that much anymore. ;') As for this new Chainsmokers track, I absolutely LOATHE the fact Will's drums get drowned out near the end. God only knows what Guy did on this track,
  5. I'm so sorry for not being on here for so long! I promise I'll get back to making more fan albums for you all! <3

  6. A Head Full Of Dreams's intro sounds like Cerrone's Supernature! Cerrone's Track: AHFOD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oGNekzIVUc Mobile Link: https://youtu.be/0oGNekzIVUc The bassline of AHFOD is even more similar live. Thoughts?
  7. Holy cow, those words about my GS project got to me! Thank you so, so much! [emoji1] Good review btw. I missed those in other threads.
  8. Holy cow, those words about my GS project got to me! Thank you so, so much! [emoji1] Good review btw. I missed those in other threads.
  9. Question. Can someone take out the poem voice of Kaleidoscope and PM the result to me? I'll credit you in the AHFOD project I'm doing.
  10. BTW, OMG... I made this a little while back... https://www.dropbox.com/s/ym4lxrut0t8fnh5/Coldplay%20-%20Adventure%20Of%20A%20Lifetime%20%28RH%2016%20Bit%20Cover%29.mp3?dl=0 Feel free to post it on YT, Sparky! Just put my name on it ;)
  11. #AoO https://www.dropbox.com/s/orpwy8lgqgt8dff/SprayCanSoulGuy%20-%20similar%20Coldplay%20songs.mp3?dl=0
  12. XD Nah man, think of that one song that sounds like UiF chord-wise...
  13. Up In Flames is one of them! But can you guess the (almost too obvious) second one?
  14. I'm gonna make a mashup between a AHFOD song and a MX song! Can you guess which ones?
  15. Okay good! haha Thanks! I made it for something very special...
  16. Weird question here: I just made like 3 different myAHFOD covers! And I sent 2 of them to my email address and one to a different one. Still I don't see them. Not even in my spam folder! How long does it usually take? Here's the one I need the pdf, video and artwork for: [ATTACH=full]3528[/ATTACH]
  17. The end of Up&Up haunts me... Who the heck sung those lines?!
  18. AHFOD is Pop-Rock to me. Up&Up, Fun and Birds have a more rock feel IMO
  19. The ending of the album (Up&Up) makes me wanna cry. The wait, the hype, the record... It all ended with three words: "Believe in love..."
  20. AAAND another AHFOD post. I can't get this album out of my head!! The waiting I had to do for this... The snippets I avoided, the interviews I had to miss, the livestreams I chose not to watch... It wasn't hard, but was it worth it? FLUFF YEAH! (I cuss, but I don't feel like doing it here) Top 5 at the moment is 5. A Head Full Of Dreams (X&Y Coldplay has returned) 4. Fun (The indie pop feel that I enjoy) 3. Army Of One (Fix You meets Up In Flames. Very empowering! Probably my new theme song) 2. X Marks The Spot (Not a guilty pleasure, but a freaking amazing song to me! Say
  21. Alright, now the instrumentals have to leak, so I can make an edit of this! *wink* to the people who get where I'm going with that.
  22. The main thing I absolutely adore in this song are Jonny and Will! They make the song for me. And Tove, who like Chris in Wish I Was Here, only does backing vocals (sadly... her voice sounded great).
  23. Words can't describe how much I love Birds and Fun. But unfortunately I agree with some of you on that ending of Birds... Like, holy heck! There was no need for that. As for Fun, it's a ''fun'' song! (no fun intended)
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