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What are you thinking right now?

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It's a very very beautiful country :) I have visited Prague, Liberec, Ceska Budajovice and Cesky Krumlov...I have been to 4 castles, mountains of course :D its nice nature and good air in Cezk... there is alot to see, a lot of nice old buildings and expensive hotels :D

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i cant remember shivers name :\ is it karolina?


Yes, you remember well :)


Well I am Swedish :wink:


But really I've always wanted to go to England and Ireland the most.

oh, I think I like England too :) but I know there is a lot of lithuanians and polles, so it's not good right now... :confused:

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I don`t feel anything ... Is this real life?

Ok, now... now i have two fingers.. or four fingers...


I don`t feel tired...

I feel funny ..

Why this is happening to me?

Is it will be forever ?



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