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Goodbye for a week thread

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:lol: oh no better not...means only tears ;) oh you need to be updated: my love interest became a nazi! :stunned: whoa thank God he wasn't my boyfriend!! well we still meet at parties, but...wtf did he became??? :confused: whatever, I have two new male friends, both 15 yrs old and they're the best ones around that age I've ever met! Sooo cute! but I see the next prob...what if I fall in love with one of them??? cuz right now we're only friends...but I feel something strange whenever I'm with them...if you know what I mean...well it feels good but...they surely don't feel the same... :stunned: whatever, now I'm just happy that I've got them! What's up in your life Ali?

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in know' date=' no one has time in the summer :bigcry: it's so sad :embarrased: but i guess this way in the autumn there will be lots of stories to tell :idea2:[/quote']


Well. in two weeks i will only be on three days a week..friday night-sunday night >< stupid school. stupid father not having a computer.

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Guest DavidG

Welcome back :)


The Name's David,


arrived here in the last week, and settling in uber quickly!


pleased you had a good time though :D

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