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Hey Anyone here from Eastern Europe

Guest DavidG

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Guest DavidG

Hey there,


I was just wondering because I have family heritage from Eastern Europe (Lithuania to be exact), if there are anyone from Eastern Europe, I mean, I dont mind, you know, Russian Czech etc, It would be just good to speak to some people from other places in the world! I would even like to speak to more Greek people. Sorry for the Random message, im just a bit of a culturerite if thats such a word :D

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Guest DavidG

I meant to say the European Championships, lol was referring to the England vs. Croatia match lol...dont worry bad joke lol :P

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is it Czech??



I know a bad word. I dunno if it's Curva, curba or whatever :confused:


it is Czech...look at my flag

the word's "kurva", but shhh...... :stunned: :lol:

wow we use that word too...and also kurvetina,kučka,drolja,prostitutka,prijateljica noći,...

Charl is that yes or no?

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