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i wasnt saying he would and i dont think anyone else said it like that we were just joking around me thinks



if heard once they had used speed but offcourse u will never know if it was true or not :shrug:

speed? Gee, i havent heard that one before...or? *and the bubble/illusiuon burst*

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yeah i heard/ read that he doesn't smoke or drink. Wow. now i can see the smoking but drinking hmmmm. i do like my cocktails especially after a dreadful week!!


Cocktails are well cool! *mine's a double*


And I think it's true about Chris and not drinking - he certainly doesn't smoke.


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There was a contest on my radio station for the first caller to phone in and say which song on AROBTH is named after a city, and the DJ thought it was so funny because so many people got the answer wrong. Many people phoned in saying the song was called London. And then when somebody finally phoned in and said Amsterdam the person didn't know what country it was in.


Not all Canadians are this stupid :roll:

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