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12000th posts! Holy Cows! :o

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OMG! unbelievable! where have you been this whole summer?! are you back to stay now? :kiss: :kiss:

haha well the whole winter ova here, i couldnt sum it up in a single reply but lets say i've been killing time with my baby ( my guitar ) ha

And nope, im just for a few mins and for today only..i wanted to surprise my sis but she isnt on ..my plan didnt work.. well, i might come by and bug her for xmas :bigcry:

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well you should fookin come back then! :dozey: :bigcry: i'm going to listen to some el canto del loco

:( :cry: :bigcry: i would but i dont like to be treated like shite by some members..but hey..someone might come back for ur b-day and record a gpsuyf cover as present for ya *writing down vital info* :P

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ah, i wasnt really talking about that fight really..coz i clearly won.*big cheers for me woooooo!( jk, im forced to say this coz it seems some ppl dont get my jokes ..one of the other reasons i left...hmm :/ bah)

6 weeks! dont get scared if i come back dressed as a clown and doing magic tricks.. my mom got one of those clowns when i was 5 years old and im scared of clowns ever since :stunned: ..that was random , sorry haha and i know, i missed you ,mimi,fif and all my sweet mates like crazy :cry:

But hey, im posting like crazy today :D

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Guest DavidG
allo dave' date=' how is it going mate? :P[/quote']


hey man, im fine, nice to finally meet you!


I've heard stuff about you :lol: all good I must say...


but its a pleasure!


hmmm, currently listening to Simple Plan, how depressing

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This thread is dedicated to Denise and her 12000th posts, she's beating the living hell outta me and there's no way im ever gonna reach her haha

Congratz girl! keep it up :cool:


:o :o :o :o Thanks a bunch Ren ! :kiss: I´m so happy to see you posting here ;)


And thanks everybody ! :kiss:

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