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The Laugh turns to Screams

Guest DavidG

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:lol: :lol:


After claiming reality TV’s greatest accolade, Big Brother winner Nadia Almada is set to storm the airwaves in a bid for chart success.


The husky Portuguese transsexual is planning to release a single, according to newspaper reports.


A top production team has been assembled to launch the fiery brunette’s singing career. Danny Kirsch, the man behind Charlotte Church’s top ten hit The Opera Song, and Stuart Langelan have already penned a track for her.


An insider told The Sun: "They are two top songwriters and have met with record label bosses who agree that with Nadia on board it can't fail.


"She may not have the best voice in the world - there were a few high notes she couldn't reach so she talked some lyrics.


"But the final result will sound very professional."


:stunned: someone get me a shot gun so I can shoot myself!

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