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Punk Rock


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I'll tell you about punk rock: punk rock is a word used by dillitante's and ah... and ah... heartless manipulators about music that takes up the energies and the bodies and the hearts and the souls and the time and the minds of young men who give what they have to it and give everything they have to it and it's a... it's a term that's based on contempt, it's a term that's based on fashion, style, elitism, satanism and everything that's rotten about rock'n'roll. I don't know Johnny Rotten but I'm sure... I'm sure he puts as much blood and sweat into what he does as Sigmund Freud did. You see, what sounds to you like a big load of trashy old noise is in fact the brilliant music of a genius, myself . And that music is so powerful that it's quite beyond my control and ah... when I'm in the grips of it I don't feel pleasure and I don't feel pain, either physically or emotionally. Do you understand what I'm talking about? Have you ever felt like that? When you just couldn't feel anything and you didn't want to either. You know? Like that? Do you understand what I'm saying sir?




:cool: 5 brownie points for anyone who recognizes this.

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okay...about those lyrics...when I was reading them, all the stuff about punk rock and justifying it, I paid no attention to that at all. But when they say "you just couldn't feel anything and you don't want to either." Have any of you ever felt that way? Because, don't you think your always feeling something? I mean, your feeling that your not feeling anything. Does that make sense? You can not want to think about things, but I think your always feeling. I dunno, but in my mind, your always feeling something, some kind of emotion. We're always some kind of emotion. I dunno...I just started thinking about that, and wanted to write it. Hehe.

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