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there is an Edit version of the single...the editted version is 4:12 long, and the Album version is 5:09 long.

the cut is after the 4th "You Are" at 2:27. instead of doing the similar higher piano part, with the noticable melodic bass line, and two more "You Are"'s...it skips straight through to the....Nothing Else Compares bit :)

Plus..on the editted version, it fades out quicker


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I love this song, but it has been played to death on the radio, IMO.


There is also another single version, the live version from Rotterdam 2002. IIRC it's pretty similar to the album version, except of course it's live. :)

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clocks is just an all around fantastic song and certainly the only coldplay song you get to hear when you go out to the clubs.


i still remember the first time i listened to clocks. i was absolutely stunned. it's a fantastic song. there's something special about it for me.

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