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Mobile phone 'ear tumours risk'


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i think i'll stick to putting messages in bottles to arrive in land, babies in Strokes to fall at people's door steps, and sending Doves out to find land. I think those are three very safe rules to live by. yep. i have my head screwed firmly on! :toff:

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what do people think?...anyone think, like me, they're bad for the brain? i'm pretty paranoid by them, i never phone anyone from mine, and if anyone of my friends phones me on it..which is rare :cry: ..i always ask them to phone my house. when i send a text message, i press send and then walk away.

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Did anybody actually read the stats of that study?


"Out of the 750 people who took part in the study, 150 had acoustic neuroma and of those one in 11 had used a mobile phone for at least a decade."


That means that out of 750 people surveyed, only 13 or 14 had both had acoustic neuroma and were cell phone users for 10 years or more. In addition to that, those 13 or 14 people were all by definition people who had used analog phones for that long, because, as the article notes, digitial phones haven't even been around that long. And the vast majority of phones in use nowadays are digital.


In other words, I'm not all that concerned.

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