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one question....what will you do with the pictures / recordings..? and do i get anything from the profits...?

I'll send a copy to dave to make him even more jealous and then I'll give u a copy ..if its not good enough we'll practice til we make it perfect and since both of us love the idea ,we will have tons of fun :sneaky: :kiss:

But we can always sell it on ebay ,dave sold his hot tape with albie and some transexual bought it...haha :lol:

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don't call Ren like that....

aww, ich liebe dich :kiss: *gives sunflowers to Estherchen :P



first let me say... I looooooooooooove the avi! :wink3:

2nd... I now know who your alter ego is on the other board!

and 3rd.... YOU said you loved me too... :cry: what happened to the 3some?? :embarrased:



*runs away*

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