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'State Of Fear' // Michael Crichton


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State of Fear is a very highly-anticipated Michael Crichton release, but almost no information has been released about it.


Coldplaying.com has been chosen as part of the advertising network to create publicity about the book - for more information and a chance to win the following:


A copy of State of Fear

A copy of State of Fear (Audio CD)

A State of Fear t-shirt

A copy of Michael Crichton’s previous novel, Prey

A copy of Prey (Audio CD)


Please click HERE.


Remember, each click will help the site maintain its costs, and give you the chance to enter the competition to win a PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED copy of the book.


Coldplaying.com has a unique clue in the banner to help you along - other clues are dotted around the internet. You can find these when you sign up.



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I'm an all-rounder - and that includes chillout sets.....................


wow! at 40! I'm impressed! Not that age has anything to do with it.. just means you 'know' your music.. *nods* kudos to you my new dj friend... :cool:


oh my... see how we've taken over Ian's thread! :laugh3:



sorry Ian! :embarrased:

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I try to avoid generalisations...........................people are individuals, not "a nation". I have been to the U.S. twice, although once was a skiing holiday in Tahoe (which was fantastic). I've also been to Vancouver Island (Canada) three times. Where are you??

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