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Hello to Tracy Thread!!!


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Awww. How sweet - thanks Ada! :D I am in the process of losing my job and trying to find another one and to come here and see this was lovely' date=' thanks a lot. Love you all loads!! Big mwah![/quote']


Good luck Tracy! I am sure something will turn up! :)

I know we don't talk as fequent, but you're in my thoughts!

Work has been stressful, but it's calming down finally. :roll:


Will speak to you soon babe! Love you loads as well!


*big huggles & mwah* :D :D

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:o Oh wow *blushes*. I am back but for some reason it wouldn't let me log in and I even remembered my password!!!!! I am on another computer though :shrug: Anyway you know about me and computers. :lol:


Thanks everyone, I thought this would definitely be on page 6002 by now! I miss you all too! I'm only here for a short while - step dads computer - but I am up for a chateroo if anyone fancys it?!!?? Huh!! Anyone????!!!!!


P.S. Hicksy keep smilin' :D

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