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i just wanted to tell everyone something


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i love a boy and his name is matty hence my screen name matty'sgirl i do love and and ur my world i know that i might lose u as fast as i found you but if that ever happend i don't know what i would do. i love u more than anything on this green earth.just know i love u and i always will ur everything to me and when u sang yellow to me i knew that i loved u right then and there. :cry: these are not tears of saddness but of joy cause i love u so much

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I hope so....


"Lonely, I'm Mrs. Lonely"... :shrug: :? :D


aww there there girl! *pats back* the love of your life will make an entrance soon eough! with flowers! and chocolates! haha it'll be worth the wait! *wink*


awww...thanks...*waits patiently*

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I think lonliness is kind of .... i dunno.... i dont know what the word is.. but I think loneliness has some interesting qualities to it.. almost sexy.

I dont know what i'm saying. :shrug:

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