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Countdown to glasto 05


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Countdown to Glasto...


Tickets go on sale from Sunday April 3rd. Book the day of work and get your tickets. Only 2 tickets per application. i.e. per successful call in getting though.


Last year they had only 100 people fielding 50 000 calls. Anyone that has worked in a call center would know thats a impossible task. !


They went on sale at 8PM BST a very unusual time. The site was way too busy to buy tickets on line.



BTW folks if you don't know already this is the last one until 2006 At least could be the last one ever. !



BTW who do reckon will appear there. ??



Me thinks Coldplay no question of a doubt.

Ian Brown a possible reform on the ' THE STONE ROSES' been keeping it under raps however I have heard some very positvie sounds.

Basically money talks !!!



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