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Yesterday I was online in msn and somebody from United States added me to his msn...he started to talk with me and then he ask me "hey..where you from?" in the moment that i said "Colombia" the troubles get started....after that he told me "oh really?, hey do you have some cocaine in your stomach?...maybe your daddy is a narco" and things like that....and finally he told me "no fucking way...i'm gonna block you because it's probably you belong to the guerrilla and you can find me and come here to kidnap me!" What the fuck was that???...

I was sad for a long time because of that but i find the answer for that...that wasn't his fault....it's not the first time that people say me things like that but they aren't harsh like this particular guy...everytime ppl ask me if Colombia is a dangerous place...ppl think that if some foreign guy come here will be kidnap or shot or something stupid like that...well the answer is no....i know that my country has a big drug and violence problematic...but the medias are arranged to give people the most stupid information and please, forgive me for this, but the american medias do that all the time....i can see that all the time in the CNN or FOX NEWS and of course...that create some kind of paranoid about Colombian ppl...I really wanna write to those motherfuckings piece of shit journalist only to say them that come to Colombia and see for themselves how many lies they say....and i have to hold tha kind of comments all the time and well...sometimes it really piss me off....

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what a fuckin ignorant asshole.. :angry: not to mention prejudice... its that exact kind of stupidity that exists in this world (unfortunately) and people believe that shit too. I as an American feel embarassed that he had to be an American and say such horrible things. But you blocked him.. so thats that. People like that, dont deserve your effort or time in ignoring him. I know its bothersome.. but dont think about.. he's soooooooooo not worth it.


*hugs* :kiss:

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oh mafe, siento mucho eso... desgraciadamente la gente generaliza mucho y siempre presta atenci├│n a lo negativo y no a lo bueno, por ejemplo reconozco que de Colombia es de los pa├şses de hispanoamerica que menos conozco, pero lo que conozco es gracias a lo que me cuentas, ver├ís aqu├ş la generaci├│n del 98 dec├şa que la historia la componemos todos y no solo lo que digan las cronicas oficiales, asi que aun que la prensa me diga una cosa creer├ę m├ís lo que me puedas contar de primera mano. Historicamente hay acontecimientos que averguenzan a los pa├şses y sus "enemigos" les recuerdan esos sucesos, asi que es duro que os lo recuerden de continuo o de ese modo. Yo nunca pienso en las cosas malas de un pa├şs, ya que todas las cosas en la vida tienen sus cosas buenas y malas y nadie tiene la culpa...

quiero decir para algunos pa├şses ser├í vergonzoso ser de mi pa├şs, hace tiempo de mi pa├şs tambien se hablaban cosas malas, y la gente lucha porque se dejen de decir esas cosas, as├ş que el mayor m├ęrito es conseguirlas, aun as├ş en ciertos ambitos seguimos siendo mal comparados, esos siempre ocurrir├í, el humano es as├ş en alg├║n momento de su vida al igual que la vida en algunos momentos no es como quisieramos que sea, pero el m├ęrito es seguir.

Los medios se encargan mucho de manipular las cosas, hacen que la gente piense desde un punto de vista, y la mayoria no nos cuestionamos si eso es cierto, simplemente lo creemos y asumimos, es injusto pero es lo que ocurre. :/

*abrazo* :( :kiss:

Por desgracia la gente se fija en esos acontecimientos y no recuerdan los artistas que han surgido de Colombia o los artistas que han pasado por all├ş. :/

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