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Friendship Poems Thread


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this poem is for my best friend Kim :)



You've been there for me through the good times and bad

I know I can count on you to be there when I'm sad

Life without you just wouldn't be right

I wouldn't be able to get through each day and night


When I've had a bad day

I know that you're only a call away

When life takes that crazy turn

You are always there to help me learn


We've had so many good times together

I know we'll be best friends forever

No matter where we are

I know we'll never be too far


You're my idol, my sister, my friend

We'll be together till the end

Even when we're old and gray

You'll be here still, to help me get on my way

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My good friend...


My good good friend....

you are so special to me... its like I have a shining light in my life....

as when its dark, it always lights me up

When I am down, I know you've always been around.....


You are my sweet, you are my fantastic, you make me feel majestic.


By Daryl and some words take from Ian Brown song...

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I've seen the light

And it's in you,

In everything you are

And in everything you do


It's a perfect light

That shines for all to see

It radiates from you

And has pierced the heart of me


The light is from a friend.

It's a light that keeps me warm.

It lets me know how loved I am,

And keeps me safe from harm


To you my friend I am thankful,

In each and every way.

For you lift my spirits up,

With every passing day


To know that you are there for me

It makes me feel alive

Because it is your friendship's light

Upon which my love thrives


"Thank you" isn't good enough

But they're the only words I know

It is your light of friendship

That gives my world it's glow

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Old Friends

Hey mate, there´s long time

since we have seen

what´s going on with you?


You still be mute

You are worried

You don´t look at me


Oh friend, don´t worry

we still be friends

until the world ends


we know it since we meet

why you doubt it now?

why you hide on your silent?


Oh friend, we still being the same

even if you choose another way

i´ll be always next to you


My door will be next yours

Just knock the wood

and i´ll help you mate.


I get you message

you said me me

you was wrong all this time


No problem friend

we can fix it yet

just call me whenever you need


Be sure i´ll be here

Oh friend, no matter what´s your problem

i´ll be here to help you


Mate don´t hide your matters

just let me know them

(as you did before)

Friend no worry to come back


Even if it´s the last moment

I´ll forgive you all

Oh friend we are like family

(you must know it).


I can´t blame you now

Friend just call me when you need

my door will be next yours always.


Ariadna Squire Damique

(16/01/05 Sunday)

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thanks a lot albie.. i just noticied it have some mistakes.. i wrote it too fast so i make a lot of mistakes. :stunned: :embarrased:



it's okay


the greatest thing about having a best friend is that they are like family



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