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Fruity loops - the music program


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If you want the full thing, you'll probably either have to pay for it or steal it from a p2p network. But if you or somebody else happens to find it hosted somewhere, I'd appreciate it too because my copy went bye-bye with my recent disk reformatting (one of the things I forgot to back up) and I don't feel like working too hard to find it again because I have a real drum machine to satisfy my needs. :P

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I downloaded fruity loops the other day and I still dont know how to use it properly. Its now called FL studio and you can download it from here:


I have the patch for it to make it the full retail copy, PM me and i'll send it to you


so if i download that from download.com then i just download the patch and i could keep it forever like that?

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yep, the version that you download from that website is basically the full copy but the save function has been disabled. once you run the patch/crack it allows you to save your songs and becomes the full retail copy which you can keep forever. But it is illegal :rolleyes:

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