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unzip a winzip file?


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do you actually have the winzip program?....if not, download it, and it's simple.

if you do, but can't do it...you just double click the zip file, and click Extract. it will either ask you where you want to extract the chosen files too, or, you'll have already chosen a place that you wish them to go too :)



here are some common questions about Winzip :) - http://www.winzip.com/aboutzip.htm


and finally, if all else fails, which i doubt it will....you can go here, and there's something slightly different, and it tells you all about it :)http://www.powerzip.biz/info/unzip-zip-files.aspx

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hmm' date=' all i can think of is either, you have a virus on your computer, that is conflicting with Winzip, or that the file(s) within the Zip file, have a virus. other than that, i'm stumped[/quote']


now i just learned it isnt a virus, the configuration makes it seem like one. now im trying more ways to open a patch. you have any advice

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do you mean, that your compuer is saying that you have a virus?...but there's not actually one there, it's just the configuration. because if it IS that..then maybe, disable your anti-virus software program(s), and try using it then...and once you've used it for what you need, put them back on again. hope that works

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