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talking about wooden muppets (Marrionettes)... I can't believe how someone would hate them, so I will not ask wether someone likes them but wether someone knows how to make them work? Like make them move and voices and ... to make them alive?


I've got a couple and I've been abe to make him scratch his tommy and make as If he was really tired... I didn't thought they were so much fun!






















(I didn't oblied anyone to read this and If you are hating my threads so much, go to hell cause I'm not leaving this time and I'm ignoring any ridiculous comment - yes, I'm being a bit paranoid)

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He scratches his tommy AND make as If he was tired, not that he scratches his tommy when he is tired!


and he doesn't really scratch it, I don't know the word in english, but he does like circles ... like "my tommy hurts", that kinds of circles

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i guess marrionettes aren't all bad...i just don't like those ones that ventriloquists use...those big ones that sit on their knees and stuff. :stunned:


yes!! those are the spooky ones.. but Marionettes arent much different.. :stunned: they are just mini versions!!

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