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Sorry....had to post this...

Sweet One

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I find it Fuckin' hilarious!!


Lecherous Leprechaun

Colin Farrell is on the prowl again. Plus, Elvis locks for sale!


By BeatBoxBetty


The verdict is in and Colin Farrell has officially been dubbed the "lecherous lusty leprechaun." The Dublin actor, who's been rumored to have hooked up with the likes of Britney Spears and Demi Moore, has earned a reputation in Hollywood that is getting more notorious every day.


In addition to coming on to curvy women with a Pepe Le Pew type of enthusiasm, Colin's even gone on record stating that his goal in life is to bed as many women as humanly possible. But one woman he won't be able to get beneath the sheets is Gwyneth Paltrow.


The Globe's Lycia Naff reports that Paltrow (who was spotted with pals at the swanky Ivy in Beverly Hills recently) experienced Colin's not-so-smooth ways when he stopped by the star-studded eatery, wearing "the tightest jeans on planet Earth" and making his moves.


As Naff reports, while Paltrow tried to avoid making eye contact, Colin came up and complimented her on her work. But when she thanked him and continued chatting with her friends, he butted in again and asked for her number. "Oh, I'm sorry. I can't remember my cell number. It's a new phone," said Gwyn politely. "Well, why don't you just turn the phone on and the number will pop right up," he insisted. Again, Paltrow tried to give him a hint by saying her battery was dead.


Our dear dense Colin then asked Paltrow where she was staying, and if he could call her there. "Oh, I'm staying with a friend and she doesn't really like me to pass out her number." After being dumbfounded that his passes were not being received well, the Daredevil star finally walked away. Hmm, I guess Gwyneth reads the tabloids too.

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gywneth doesnt know what she's missing. first she goes off and talks shit about british men then is now marrying one. now she's putting off colin. hehe i wonder what's going to happen next :D :roll:

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lol...poor colin....dubliners are like that i guess.....lol :lol:



:o that was quite funny but i wont laugh cos there are dubliners on this board :P

i think she has the right to laugh....she's one herself...lmao
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