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The Aqualung Thread

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i like those songs that help you decide on wether or not to get the cd. i do that all the time and you should see my cd collection i got going! but the bad thing about my cds are i only been listening to a few this past month.

any ways let me helpl u too and say go get it any thing new is worth getting most of the time it opens up new stuff that you never heard before and i like that. let me stop here because i think i'm starting to not make sense. :x

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ever since i found out about this band. i think i found out that the singer use to be in a band called 45s or something like that and this band is no more i guess for more info go here and you'll see what i'm talking about.


i love hearing about new bands the minute i find out about them i go looking for everything i can find out about them. and heres what i found.

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i have finally got enough money to buy a decent coat, or some of the albums i've been waiting to buy for ages - including this one. and then i went in virgin the other day and they're doing one of those 5 albums for £30 thing, some of which i'm mildly curious about and a couple that i really want, and that just complicated matters further. oh, the dilemma! :shock: :x :D

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