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hi !


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hello everybody' date=' i'm new here. a few words about me : i'm French, 25 and i've loved coldplay since the beginning ! i hope you'll excuse my mistakes! apart from coldplay i love bands like the music, the white stripes , but also older stuff like the clash or the beatles.[/quote']Hi there! welcome! I just joined a couple of days ago! My name is Leah, I'm Canadian! :) All those bands you stated are very cool! :cool: Do you also like the Killers? They are my second fav next to Coldplay, of course! :D
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Awesome! I have a bunch of the Killers demos and unreleased stuff that I got from the Killers message board at their website. Have you ever heard the song 'Replaceable'? It's really great! I love the Killers! :drummer:


Welcome, Virginie! :)

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