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Guitar Tunings For The Parachutes Album


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I thought i'd put what i believe to be the tunings for the album parachutes.


                                                Standard = E A D G B E

Don't Panic - Standard

Shiver - D# B G B A E

Spies - C# B G C# A E

Sparks - E A D G B D [A Capo on the 6th from for the Acoustic Guitar]

Yellow - D# B G B A E

Trouble - E A D G B D [on the acoustic and Electric]

Parachutes - D# B G B A E

High Speed - D B G D G D

Everything's Not Lost - Electric Guitar is Standard. [no Acoustic]

Life Is For Living - D B G D A E


.what use are the tunings without the chord shapes i hear someone ask. well actually, finding the tunings would be the hardest i think, it's really late, so i'm going to post the chord shapes, but i will sometime when i have the time to type them all out. Until Then, Try and figure them out. :)

Hope that helps some of you's

:elf: Link

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well...not that i play it, but, if i was too...then i'd play it:

[with the E A D G B D

G - 320000

Em - 022000

Bm - 7X0770

F - 133210

Am - X02210

G - 320000

                     Try that..see if you think it sounds any better..on the F chord, you'll have you use your thumb for the thickest string on the first fret..or if some peoples thumbs don't stretch that far..then, it doesn't really matter.

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