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Who knew....


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oh my, you are right jette, q&a say that.. why she didn't told us yet... :stunned: since when they are married?.. oh my :stunned: ... :cry: :cry: we are late.. well i still have frutos (singer of band second) and my Sun :cool:


I with they'll be happpy. ;) 'cause he'll work better and better everyday :cool:

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According to berrychen he got married last autumn..


3 out of 4 married, if this isn't going to produce some great love songs, I don't know what will. unless it's true what some say about marriage: love ends where marriage begins.....?

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Debs respects their privacy which is why she asked me not to tell anyone either.... I'm surprised she even answered it in q&a!! but, I found out in conversation with her... some of you may remember when Debs mentioned the board (the official) to Guy one night and told him about a girl named 'berrywoman'.. *ehem* thats when she mentioned it.. actually, she might have mentioned it before then.. but that night he was telling her all about the 'big day plans'... so, yes.. I knew.. but since Debs wont divulge anymore info.. neither can I... since I dont even know who his best man was! lol

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if i ever be a celebrity i won't like speak everyday about my private life.. i must protect my privacy and my friends privacy too... do you'll lilke that if i ever be interview i mention all private conversations i ever have here? :o ... i mean we must think in ourselves.. so he'll be asked and asked 'cause hies weddin, did we are asked everyday 'cause the same things as they?. someone says "do to people as you want people do to you"

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