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as it's being recorded


track 1:

'A secret for ms. to be mrs.'


I thought i was falling for you from the start,

now all i'm doing is falling apart,

you're all i've got left and all I let go off today

listen to me and forget what they say

there's nothing more to decide

this is your last chance to fall in love with me

we'd have nothing to hide

walk away....


© Just one more minute

is all i need to let you know

but im on the bus, and the minute grows further and further apart

i watch you fade into the distance and out of my life


I wanna take you away...

to a little place underneath the stairs,

we took trips away

but wherever we went i was there

i took your breath and you're near

closer to the atmosphere

if i gave you a secret, babe you've gotta promise me you'll keep it


track 2:





everything, has changed, everything

has been changed everything

must be alright anything

Hold on to....everything




'when the rain splashes at our feet

Im dreaming all the while,

that tear falls nice an neat

looking into you eye

you have true beauty inside and out

i have nothing if you're not here i can't live without




yeeeeaah, lalala, yeeeeaah


our love is pure,

i know that eventually we will be together

married with kids in a cliche

but if you can't hold on....


lalalala lala, lalalala lala




oh yeah lala



track 3:

"friend to the end"


Every once in a while I'd see her smile

And she'd turn my day around

A girl with those eyes

Could stare through the lies

And see what your heart was saying


Think of her but laugh don't cry

I know she'd want it that way

When you think of her laugh don't cry

I know she'd want it that way



A friend of a friend

A friend to the end

That's the kind of girl she was

I know you and you're here

In every day we live

I know her and she's here

I can feel her when I sing



Hey, where are you now

Are you far away from here

I don't think so

I think you're here

Taking our tears away

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@ reilly: yeah me too come to think of it, but my bands album is out in october 31st, go buy it, the band is called high velocity, although i have a sneaky suspition we'll change it too MINORITY, i was gna quit, then we just sacked our drummer instead. they said they needed me, but there are loads of drummers out there :cool: i felt so loved, so is your band signed? if you play gogs i could get a rep to come see you's?


@ rich: fuck off

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well at the moment i have to argue with that, mate don't piss me off, you know and i know that you're wrong and that your clinging onto every hope of having a gf, you'll never have a gf, do you know why?, because you're like clingfilm, you stick and your tight

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no i mean you never left her alone all the time we were thru, if she moved left, you moved left, if she move to the other side of me, you did, and if you actually think that you're right then fine, i'll let you have your hope, but that's all it is, and when you end up alone, don't come to me saying that i never warned you.

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