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??, you think alot of things don't you.....recently, also this is a B-side which was but never made the final hurdle


Feel awake'


Every morning when i take my first breath,

you're there and you're starin at me,

don't speak to me don't fuckin look at me,

cuz my time is out

and im fallin' down.


I have to remind myself every day,

i know what i did, to, you

and now,

you wanna be a superstar,

you wanna be in my life,

drivin' the fast cars

well listen to me this shit doesn't come for free

i had to fight for my freedom

and im not gonna give it to you


you got it all to hide,

you wanna laugh at me

watch my life as it passes by

it's gone



fuck me, fuck you, fuck you,

this shit has gone too far

maybe it's a trinket,

maybe you are not her

tiiiiime, GONE!!!!


Fuck it, fuck it, fick it, FUCK it!!!!

what's it like to feel awake

what's it like to know when you're gonna die,

the more you fear the less you know

i guess now it's time to crawl into my hole

cuz now im dead i feel more awake.


^ basically, it was a heavy track and i just didn't want to spoil the softness of the album

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