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The Hardest Part


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I, I feel like tearing out my heart,

just knowing what i've done to you


the hardest part

but i know, my time is over

i'm so low but my mind

must stay sober

and it kills me- to think about what i've done to you

inside of me, tearing me apart

thinking about it,

it's the hardest part


one day, we will be together

i promise you it will be better.,

i've got a feeling in my mind

and one day when this mess is over

and i hold a four leaf clover,

then i'll think that luck is on my side


and it kills me, to think about what i've- done to you,

inside of me , tearing me apart,

thinking about what would have came of us...

babe it's the hardest part.

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Please stop posting crying smilies all over the place. If you're really sad at the moment, why stay on here just to get the abuse from people *not naming anyone :rolleyes: * about it?


You're lyrics are good :)

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I know! It's crazy :dizzy2:

I'm good Ren :P Just having a really lazy french learning week :lol: It really is as boring as it sounds! :rolleyes:

How are you keeping? ;) :D

ahh you should hire lea for some private french lessons, shes the best .. i can tell :sneaky:

Im ok, i was a bit sad for the past weeks but you know , this board is always a cheer up when u are bored or not that well .. but anyways, i just learned to play nancy boy and 36 degrees by placebo so woop! :P


I shall record something for you when i have some free time :kiss:

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:lol: I should but could she teach me it all in a week?! I could talk to the examiner about crazy pedro and motorbike caca...I'm sure I'd pass that way :idea2:

Oh placebo! :cool: It's great to see you around again :P :kiss:


Oh thankyou :blush: I loveeeeeeeeee all your covers!

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