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Some mind exercise


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Okay, I'm presenting to you Einstein's riddle. According to the legend Einstein invented it and claimed that less than 2% of world population could solve it. So here is it:




What you have to find is which person has the fish... so try it!! is very interesting, take it as a challenge and be a part of that 2% (btw, I guess that 2% is a fake)


If you think you have the answer, I'd ask you not to reveal it here, you can check if u are right or not pming me and I'll let you know... just not to ruin the fun of the others


Good luck and don't despair :smiley:

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ahh, ani, no, we just did it at math class :cool:


i'm not ruining the magic but i'm just making things clear before you start handing out false information :idea2: and i don't give a shit if people in your class did it or didn't.

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