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Dr. Pepper

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Did anyone read that article about the level of security around X&Y?


I remember it said journalists who reviewed the album had to walk into a room, with door open and security guard at bay, and sit at a desk, when they would get an iPod sealed in another case with X&Y inside. They then could sit, listen, write notes and leave. All in the open, with no way of getting the songs.


I have a feeling this isn't going to leak for awhile. :(

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Leaks are inevitble. They always get leaked no matter what. Whether it's someone mixing the tracks, to the distributors, or even someone that works as a janitor at one of the major labels. it will happen. i promise.

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i asked a friend to buy the SOS song for me because she has a faster connection, it'd take too damn long to download on mine. instead she got a live version, which i'm happy to listen to, but also 5 other songs which i told her straight outright not to give to me. i don't want to hear live versions until the albums out and i won't listen to anything straight from the album either. i want to spend time listening to it as a whole.

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