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AAARRRRRGGHH!! Chelsea v Liverpol on ESPN!!


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Camille this game sucks a giant throbbing frankfurter. Watch it when its at Anfield and something might actually HAPPEN- like a dog might run onto the pitch.




to be honest.. this game is kinda wank... there's no action.. no fight in these guys.. no tension... all they keep doing is trying to hurt on another.. how boring!!



:rolleyes: however.. its better than MLS here in the US

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but he's daaaaaaaaamn good' date=' damn them :bigcry: i almost cried when he scored against us at parkhead![/quote']


Same here! Does it make me any less of a man? :/


no no, twas a very emotional moment :stunned: lots of cursing on my part in the moments following :shifty:

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:angry: :angry: ehem... 26 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!!!







and NONE in the last 5 years :rolleyes:







how long has it been for you guys???? 19 yrs with one??


you gotta point


but the Yankees's payroll is LIKE 280 million and ya'll still can't push a championship


it's sad :cry:













































































:lol: :lol: :lol:

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