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AAARRRRRGGHH!! Chelsea v Liverpol on ESPN!!


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I can't believe I wasnt aware of this... I've missed the first half completely!!!!!! :embarrased: :angry: :angry:



.... but the important thing is that I am watching now!!! :sneaky: mwwahahaa!


scoreless game in case anyone is interested... :cool I need a beer..

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:blush: the fact that my cable operator charges me extra for Fox Sports World is ridiculous... they show champion and premiere league all the time.. but I dont have that channel... today is a treat! Because its on basic cable!! Thank God for ESPN!!! :D

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One thing I HATE about Madrid is that they have formed an elitist group within their own team. Michael Owen cant make first team football because the players are against leaving Raul out of the team (Even though hes USELESS this season)


Poor mickey, usually I hate him but hes been brilliant for Madrid this season. Morale wise, when hes on the pitch, 14 goals? Excellent.

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