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They Might Be Giants


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ok i know they are an old band....like the 80's....but my friend had this burned cd....they are brillaint!!!! i luv them!!!! their songs are not serious ones like coldplay or able to be released as singles like britney or jlo....but whenver u need a good laugh.....go to kazza and download their stuff....does anyone know them?

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They might be giants....


they call me doctor worm good morning how are you im doctor worm im interested in things im not a real docotr but i am a realll worrrm i am an actual wormmm i live like a worm and i like to play the drums i think im getting good but i can handle critism ill show you what i know and you can tell me if you think im getting better on the drums ill leave the front door open cuz i can hear the doorbell




the sun is so hott that everything on it is a gas...



hehehe for all of you that know the band youll know what the fook i wrote above hehe :-D

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