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I got accepted into university!

seventeen seconds

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Waiting to hear from universities is probably the most nerve-wracking thing I've done my entire life.


It pretty much dictated what I'd be doing for the rest of my life. Or so I thought it was, at the time.


Agreed. At least some of the tension was released when I got this acceptance though.

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waiting for my results was pretty scary too!

got a grade less than i wanted, but i still got accepted here..they must have been desperate... :P

great news by the way :D


I'm convinced that these universities are desperate because my marks aren't that high at all.


Update: I got into York today! w00t! :cool:

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i always wanted to study japanese/psychology on university out of poland- i mean uk/france/canada :rolleyes:


but i dont know if its possible :/


meanwhile ive got exams to university in poland in 2 months :confused:


could u please hold your thumbs? :rolleyes: i've got veeery important exam tomorrow (in french-shit!).. thank ya :)

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I got accepted into university!



DANG, me too! :drunk:


hah' date=' thank you. I feel good about your acceptance because somehow I'm on the same business, I'm presenting an exam to enter in about a week. :dozey:[/quote']
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