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AOL Music Live/VH1 Storytellers/*MTV Leaked Images


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awww these were great!!!! I didnt even notice these pros were taking pics.... brought back so many memories... :cry:



the Storytellers pics.. the one where Chris is going bonkers... reaching for the sky, I think is from In My Place.... there was ::jonnylove:: I can't believe they didnt take a pic of that!!! The one where Chris is squated down by the logo in the beginning... was at the beginning of Square One... he danced around alot in that one!! lol The one's where they are sitting on the trunks... that was after the performance pieces were over.. the Q&A segment.... wasnt very long... at least it didnt seem like it.. lol but as you can see.... even the pics from up top are relatively close... *sighs* I need a time machine... :cry:


thanks for sharing!!

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Not sure if this has been posted but on VH1.com there is a sweet video of Clocks from the upcoming storytellers concert.



which by the way was reorded 2x that night.. maybe one was tto be used in editing for the promos?? You know, different camera angles and stuff.



:cool: ahh the memories!

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i havent posted it here yet' date=' but it's on my website :)[/quote']



do you promote coldplaying.com on your site???


sometimes, not much though. i usually credit someone if they posted it, or helped me out with something like GazeboflossUK for the other video.


when i put up SNL, i used coldplaying.jamesgomezjr.com and codecsonline.com/coldplaying as URLs. so... kind of!



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