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It's basically about these young kids becoming ninjas. They train and go through a series of tests and fights (against kids from other villages) to get to the next level of being a ninja and at the moment i;m up to the episode where a war is starting.


I've never really watched an anime before, but this is pretty amusing.

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Since I and Elsje are big fans of naruto, I have decided to make a thread about the anime:D this is mine and Elsje's thread!!!


All naruto fans welcome!!!:)


chat about anything and anything about it.... and post piccies too!!!;)


here's an intro...:smug:


naruto is an TV anime series (and manga). it's main charater is naruto (obviously!!!:P ) he searches for approval and recognition and become hokage which is known as the strongest and most powerful ninja in the village.:D


it's the most popular anime and is now shown around all around the world, but was created in Japan

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what's up with all these anime threads???


dont they belong in the entertainment section? :thinking:


They do indeed.




It's a shame that lovefilm.com doesn't have the naturo dvds for rental, because that's how I managed to get into NGE & Ghost in the Shell.

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anyways:rolleyes: here are some character profiles, starting with naruto...


Naruto Uzumaki




OriginLeaf Village


Birthday10th October


Special FeatureSexy, Harem, Shadow Clone, Shadow Shuriken, Naruto Combo, Summoning


DescriptionNaruto is an orphan and since he enbodies the spirit of a nine-tail dragon that destroyed many Leaf Village lives 12 years ago, the village people treats him as the nine-tail dragon and all act very cold toward him. Growing up without parents and any friends, Naruto always tries to be funny and mess up on purpose in order to get attention. Although Naruto's grades at the the Ninja Academy is extremely bad, he trains very hard in order to improve his skills. Naruto later paired up with Sakura and Sasuke to train with Kakashi. Naruto has a crush on Sakura, but unfortunately, Sakura's heart has already been taken by Sasuke.

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sasuke uchiha




OriginLeaf Village, Uchiha ClanBirthday23rd JulySpecial FeatureSharingan, Dragon Fire, Powerful Fireball, Shadow Shuriken, Mythical FireDescriptionSasuke is the number 1 student at the Ninja Academy. He's greatest ambition is to revive his Uchiha Clan, which apparent was eradicated by a certain man or assassin, in order to avenge for the death of his clan, he also wants to kill this man. Sasuke was paired with Sakura and Naruto in this training session with Naruto and Sakura. Profile Version II: Uchiha Sasuke: the lone wolf of Naruto’s group, this supposed bishounen is a lone wolf; antisocial to the extreme, and always vengeful. Humorless and quiet, he believes that his friends get in his way, and sometimes pay the consequences of ignoring them. He, too, is very obstinate, and is the oppose of Naruto, in that he is absolutely serious about everything. He is one of the last of his Uchiha clan, who bore the power of Sharingan.

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he is not....:P








OriginSand VillageAge13DescriptionIn order for the village of sand to get the most out of every ninja in the country, an evil act took place. The leader of the village, the Kazekage, bound a sand spirit to his youngest son. The evil Shukaku is a spirit that lays in wait until the day when the host’s body goes to sleep. Once this happens, he will be freed of his host’s control and will go on a mad rampage. After finding this out, the Hidden Village of Sand’s leader decided that he was too dangerous and decided to have Gaara taken out of the picture permanently. After a tragic incident, he was lead to believe that his existence in life was to kill other people. As scary as it may seem, he lives only for himself.

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