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Speed of Sound Live on Itunes


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Would anyone be willing to host this song, because it sure as hell isn't on the American version of Itunes. I even clicked the links the Coldplay sight sent me and it just brought up the original version. I clicked the Uk link for kicks and it said the Ep would not be available until the 23rd, its the freakin 24th! People on the Official message boards have been downloading it though, so could someone help me out. Thanks

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You can't set up an account unless you live in the UK' date=' can you?[/quote']


of course you can... you can set it up thru apple... (or aol) but I tried with my aol account and it told me it wasnt compatible.. (I only have AIM) so, try it... the only think is that you will have to pay in GBP and be ready to pay about $1.60 for each track.


I sounds like the live version from SNL or Storytellers.. the audio sounds enclosed.. its nice.. but it doesnt sound like its a big venue..

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