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its official - crazy frog beats coldplay


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i know for a fact it was going beat it! it's sickening.

I admit, i'm not TOO bothered about the charts, but, it would be good for Coldpaly to be number, and it's not 100% full of rubbish, as coldplay wouldn't be in the charts at all. It's amazing Coldplay haven't had a Number 1 single in UK at all.

There really should be ban on the frog thing, even before i learnt it was going to be against Coldplay in the charts...the adverts annoyed me beyond belief

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apparntly it outsold it 4:1.


oh well, not really bothered about the charts. it is full of hip hop crap and pop. the album charts are the ones that matter!


just wait for the crazy frog remix album... coming soon at a crap record shop near you. :)

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Crazy Frog you can only take half the credit for the song's success, its also partly due to the ultimate cheesiness of the Beverley Hill Cop's Theme tune that is making it so popular, to be honest, i heard it for the first time last night (i don't own a tv thank goodness) and i thought it was fairly catchy, i can see how it would be annoying if it was on all the time though!

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He probably touches himself when watching Footballers Wifes...he will be one of those lot.


On the contrary, and I hereby promise not to steal your gig anyway, enjoy your FB.


Lumberjack, I take ALL the credit, after all it's a masterpiece. Ding Ding.

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