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Diet Coke OFF


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ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lemon that is grody....i only drink diet root bear coke and dr pepper.... :-D


hey man, whatever!.....what l MEANT to say is, that l like diet PEPSI with *lemon twist..... ;) :D yum yum *takes a sip of her chilled NON existent diet pepsi with lemon* :roll:

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awwwwwww :::::takes a sip of her existing diet dr pepper while chewing a really good peice of orbitz gum:::::: omg i had a dream last nite that i ate all the wrong foods for my diet! this is the 2nd time while i have been on this diet! the 1st time it was pizza and last nite it was grapes and banana nut bread and i mean a big peice of banana nut bread! im geting paranoid!

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diet coke is suppose to ruduce your penis size lol
i hope you didnt learn that from experience :o


jk :D


LOL :o l hope the poor bugga didn't learn it from experience ;)


i heard it off this girl so NO my penis size is satisfactory thanks 8)

jokes- lets not turn this site into a porno site eh!

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I love diet coke' date=' especially with lots of ice![/quote']


ewwwwwwey ice takes away all of the flavor and makes watery anf flat really quick....ill on eat ice if its melted hehe aka water


yeah :? , I see what you mean, but it's nice to bite the ice, and eat it, whatever you're drinking... I love the feeling of the ice melting in your mouth and your teeth slowly destroying each piece of it... mmm I just love it :)

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